Character Meet & Greet Melbourne Easter Show

Oh No, Easter Bunny has lost some of his eggs!!!

Can you come and help him find them?

Well put on your hunting gloves, grab a basket and let’s go hunting.

Easter Bunny needs your help to collect 5 balls with the same picture on them . Once you have collected the special balls, Easter Bunny will be able to unlock the vault to your Easter Eggs.

P.S don’t forget to keep your eye out for the special eggs.

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For the Parents

Each child that purchases a ticket will be able to collect 5 balls with the same picture on them in a basket provided by us.

Once a child has collected the 5 balls within the allocated time period allowed, each child will receive a pre packaged bag of easter eggs.


For children in the age groups under 3 Year Olds, Parents will be able to assist their child in the collection of the balls and will be required to collect balls of the same colour.

 During the  3-5 years old  sessions, children will be required to collect 5 balls of the same colour only regardless of the picture on them. Parents will only be able to accompany their children into the Easter Egg Hunt area but are not allowed to assist their children.

The 13-17 Year Old Sessions time will have to collect the chocolate eggs from a ball pit of plastic easter eggs. This session will be a game of skill and participants are not guaranteed to obtain the same amount of chocolate eggs.


Tickets for the Easter Egg Hunt are $10 per child for one session time. The ticket price includes entry into the Easter Egg Hunt, bag of easter eggs, additional prizes as they apply, entry into the scavenger hunt. A portion of each ticket sold to the Easter Egg hunt will be donated to the Very Special Kids Foundation.

For more information about the fantastic work that the VSK does for terminally ill children visit their website, Very Special Kids

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Suitable for children 3 years- 17 year old.

You will be able to select a session time suitable for the age group of your child.


The Easter Egg Hunt will be operating daily over the 4 days from 10:20am until 5pm.

There will be several sessions per day based on children’s age groups. You will be able to select your desired time slot on the booking page.


Your child will be given a basket to collect the balls in. Once your child has collected the balls they will redeem them for a pre packaged bag of Easter eggs.

Additional prizes will be provided for the child/children that locate a special ball ( which will be marked on the day) or are the 1st to collect the 5 balls with the same picture on them.

Each child will also be given a scavenger hunt card to complete by collecting stamps from exhibitors and places around the show grounds.

Each completed card will be placed in the draw to win one of the prizes on display which will be drawn at 6pm Monday 17th April 2017 at the main stage.

Melbourne Family Events reserves the right to alter the type and number of prizes available in the Easter Egg Hunt and the Scavenger Hunt.